Day 46 – Thinspiration

I’m tiiiiired!  Not going to bed until almost 10:30pm and getting up at 4:30am is an ass kicker!  Tomorrow I’ll be waking up at 4am to get my last arm and core ST for the week done.  Yay for 5 days straight of ST!  Not sure how much I’ll get to do this weekend with my going out of town, though I still plan to try and go for a walk in the mornings.  Hopefully I don’t get attacked by a damn coyote or deer out in BFE!  Hope not go too crazy at the b’day party in terms of food.  I think I’ll do good though given how well I’ve done in the last six and a half weeks.  Gonna weigh myself in the morning though just to see my progress given I won’t be back home until Sunday afternoon/evening.

I spent this evening packing for my 3-4hr trip down to Austin and San Marcos tomorrow.  I didn’t realize how much you have to pack for a dog when you travel!  Yep, Cinnamon is a comin’ with me.  We shall see how she does in the car.  I sure hope she’s a travelin’ dog cause I love goin places! 

Did a 52min walk this morning and Leg ST went wonderfully painful. Oh yay!!  Hopefully I remember to blog tomorrow….won’t be suprized if it’s short and sweet so that I can be out on the road earlier.

-Single Leg Raises Left and Right (Quads/Hamstrings) – 2 Sets of 12 Reps
-Touching Floor Squats (Quads) – 2 Sets of 12 Reps
-Frog Bends (Inner Thighs) – 2 Sets of 12 Reps
-Donkey Kick/Fire Hydrant Circuit (Glutes/Outter Thigh/Groin) – 2 Sets of 12 Reps
-Inward Calf Raises (Inner Calves) – 2 Sets of 12 Reps
-Outward Calf Raises (Outer Calves) – 2 Sets of 12 Reps


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