Day 48 -Thinspiration (Rock Star Cupcakes)

A part of me feels guilty because not only did I not go for a walk this morning (given I was up all night because the storms are scary loud out here in the country), but I also gave in to eating a cupcake and some pizza at my lil 2nd cuz’s b’day party.  Yeah I don’t eat stuff like that often but I probably could have limited myself to a slice or 2 instead of getting ridiculous with 3 slices!  UGH Stephanie!!

Oh well….no point tripping about it because it’s in the past.  Tomorrow I am back on track!  I just have to make sure that I don’t get super upset about the fact there is no way in hell I lost weight this week.  One meal is not gonna break me unless I let it….I GOT THIS!!  😀

Sleepy doesn’t even come close to my state at the moment.  This is how I am feeling right now….


Awww…she’s so cute when she’s tired!  And I feel her pain!!  The cupcakes and tiny cake I made for the party turned out super cute.  Check out the picture!



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