Day 51 – Thinspiration

Today’s blog is gonna be short because it’s pretty much an after thought for today.  Already I am going to bed after 10pm and sadly have been grazing in regards to food since about 6:30pm….I broke rule number 1!!  😦 

I also didn’t do my strength training because the more I thought about it, I feel that my cardio has gone down quite a bit because I take 30-45mins to do it in the mornings.  When I got home feom work I was just too exhausted!  While I know strength training is super important, I just don’t have enough time to add it in everyday and want to get back to pushing hard with my cardio again.  I always feel more productive that way.  Yeah I’ll pick it back up and still do it a few days a week, but today was not for it. 

I did do a 67min 3mile power walk this morning though.  So despite my crap day, at least there was that positive.


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