Day 53 – Thinspiration

I am yawning soooo much right now because I’m tired as fuuuuuuck!!  Bed is calling my name.  I’m happy to report that work was a breeze today, instead of the hell it has been recently.  I’ll consider myself blessed if tomorrow continues to be relaxing and chill.  Spent my whole evening trying to figure out all kinds of health/medical care plan mess that I have with my company.  Yay for Doctors!!  And I’m not being sarcastic when I say that.  I’ve always loved going to the doctor or to hospitals cause I guess I’m a weirdo.  I wanted to be an OBGYN once upon a time you know.

Did yet another 1hr 7min, 3 mile walk this morning.  I’m glad that I’ve been keeping that pace for the last 3 days instead of having it take an extra 5-10mins like it used too.  Looking forward to the weekend when I can get up at 6AM and go for my walk instead of 4-4:30PM.  Come on Saturday….you can’t come soon enough!


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