Day 55 – Thinspiration

2016-05-07 13.06.02

Well today was a good day in the sense that I surpassed my goal by 0.4lbs by losing 3.4lbs this week and getting below 269lbs which was my goal for the week.  I’m super happy to be out of the 270s!  But while I’m happy about this I do have a confession to make. I seem to be making those a lot recently.

First off, I didn’t go for a walk today which isn’t the end of the world but on top of that, I decided it was a great idea to eat a really shitty dinner after doing extremely well with my eating until about 5pm.  I mean I ate shitty to the point where I ate so much at a pizza buffet that my tummy ached and I seriously contemplated making myself throw up to get it out of my system.  I’ve never been one to be bulimic so I ultimately decided that if I gained back a little weight due to the overeating then it was just something I had to deal with because I’d be damned if I was gonna make myself sick because I felt guilty about eating a meal.  Fuck that shit!!  It does piss me off though that it even crossed my mind in the first place.

The mind of someone who’s struggled with their weight for so long is a twisted place.  Glad I was strong enough to not make a really bad health decision today.  Oh yeah…and apparently I have changed my weigh-in day to Saturday.  Haha.  Talk about being inconsistent.  The first few weeks was was on Monday, then I changed it to Sunday, and now it shall commence on Saturdays.   Let’s see how long this day of the week lasts!  😀


6 thoughts on “Day 55 – Thinspiration

  1. This is a journey with ups and downs.. if it could be perfect we both probably would’ve lost the weight years ago.. I try really hard not to beat myself up for eating unhealthy food I just make up for it the next day.. life is short and pizza is good lol.. Btw nice job gettin into the 260’s 😀

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    • My pants especially are getting super baggy which makes me happy as hell! Haven’t broken down and bought new ones yet because I know since I’ve got a ways to go, I’ll have to buy new clothes more than one. With me going to Scotland in a lil over 2 months, I was going to buy a whole new wardrobe for it anyways. We’ll see if I can keep my pants up until then or if I have to break down and buy some before then. Haha

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