Day 58 – Thinspiration

Yay I finally got to go for a walk again this the morning!  Did 3 miles in 1hr 8min and boy did it seem like it took FOREVER!  That’s what happens when you don’t walk for 3 days straight and then jump back in it. 

It’s getting ready to storm in good ol’ Dallas, TX y’all.  All I know is that it better get done with it tonight so I can go for another walk in the morning.  I miss my morning walks and realized that today when I did it.  I really gotta drop this smoking crap again though because it makes breathing suck when I do my walks and climb the stairs at work. 

My eating was way better today and I only ate a lil bit of chicken after I got home instead of a ton of chips and junk.  I might have fallin off track for a few days but I’m getting back on it which is a good thing.  Come on Stephanie!  Do tha damn thang!!


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