Day 59 – Thinspiration

People prefer fake over real.  This is more so true when it comes to talking to those who are unhappy or have bouts of depression.  And what do those of us who are sad most often than not do?  We put on this foolish show of being content with life or else these so called “friends” of ours abandon us when we need them most.  It’s a psychological mindfuck really.  They’re not our true friends if they would leave us in instances like this yet we still pretend to be something we’re not because the fear of being completely alone wins out more than knowing someone pretends to care.  To be honest, if it weren’t for me reaching out every once in a while to my so called friends, we would never speak.  When you’ve known someone for years you don’t stop to think about shit like that until you are in a fucked up state of mind.  It’s always been like that for me though.  I’ve always been the one to try and gather friends and/or family, most often than not getting shut down, and there hardly ever seems to be anyone who would do the same to me.  Oh how I wish I could sale all of my stuff and go live in the wilderness away from all the fake ass people in this world.  Away from those who don’t have the ability to be honest with others or follow through with their promises.  I am not one of these humans!

Did my 3mile walk in 1hr 9mins today.


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