Day 61 – Thinspiration

OMG….I didn’t blog yesterday!  My eating was good and I did my 3 mile walk but my sister graduated with her Associates last night so I was super busy and out waaaay late.


Congrats to her!

I am soooooo tired! Getting up at 4:30am, not having gone to bed Wed night until 11pm, yesterday night until 11:30pm, and watchin some kiddos tonight (may be home around midnight?), is fucking with my head. You best believe that I am gonna sleep like a mofo this weekend. I’ve got a ton of sleep to catch up on!

Ate pretty decently again today and did my 3 mile walk in 1hr 8mins.  I have to be honest though and say I’m not looking forward to my weigh-in in the morning.  While Tuesday through Friday was pretty good eating and walking wise, I’m honestly still thinking about last Saturday through Monday and how I didn’t do any walking and ate kind of bad.  Hopefully I’m not back in the 270s.  I think I might cry if I am….  😦


Wha'cha wanna say??

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