Day 63 – Thinspiration (Kula Revolving Sushi Bar)

So today my sister and I tried out this new revolving sushi bar in Plano called Kula.  It was fantastic!  I had never seen anything like it before and will totally go back again very soon!  Never really thought about it, but how healthy is sushi for your diet?  Rice isn’t the healthiest thing in the world but other than that I would think it’s pretty good for you.  At least the rice was organic! 😀

No walk today but tomorrow it is on!  4:30am is gonna come way too soon though…I will miss you until next weekend sleep….


Day 62 – Thinspiration


Boy has today been a lazy day!  Though I might not have reached my weight goal completely this week, I am happy to report that I am down 1.6lbs from last week so I can’t complain too much.  Didn’t do my walk this morning because I didn’t get home until almost 1am and slept in super late which is not normal for me.  Guess my body needed to catch up from its lack of sleep during this past week.  We’ll see what the weather is like when I get up to determine if a walk is going to play out tomorrow.  My eating was pretty good today!

Day 61 – Thinspiration

OMG….I didn’t blog yesterday!  My eating was good and I did my 3 mile walk but my sister graduated with her Associates last night so I was super busy and out waaaay late.


Congrats to her!

I am soooooo tired! Getting up at 4:30am, not having gone to bed Wed night until 11pm, yesterday night until 11:30pm, and watchin some kiddos tonight (may be home around midnight?), is fucking with my head. You best believe that I am gonna sleep like a mofo this weekend. I’ve got a ton of sleep to catch up on!

Ate pretty decently again today and did my 3 mile walk in 1hr 8mins.  I have to be honest though and say I’m not looking forward to my weigh-in in the morning.  While Tuesday through Friday was pretty good eating and walking wise, I’m honestly still thinking about last Saturday through Monday and how I didn’t do any walking and ate kind of bad.  Hopefully I’m not back in the 270s.  I think I might cry if I am….  😦

Day 59 – Thinspiration

People prefer fake over real.  This is more so true when it comes to talking to those who are unhappy or have bouts of depression.  And what do those of us who are sad most often than not do?  We put on this foolish show of being content with life or else these so called “friends” of ours abandon us when we need them most.  It’s a psychological mindfuck really.  They’re not our true friends if they would leave us in instances like this yet we still pretend to be something we’re not because the fear of being completely alone wins out more than knowing someone pretends to care.  To be honest, if it weren’t for me reaching out every once in a while to my so called friends, we would never speak.  When you’ve known someone for years you don’t stop to think about shit like that until you are in a fucked up state of mind.  It’s always been like that for me though.  I’ve always been the one to try and gather friends and/or family, most often than not getting shut down, and there hardly ever seems to be anyone who would do the same to me.  Oh how I wish I could sale all of my stuff and go live in the wilderness away from all the fake ass people in this world.  Away from those who don’t have the ability to be honest with others or follow through with their promises.  I am not one of these humans!

Did my 3mile walk in 1hr 9mins today.

Day 58 – Thinspiration

Yay I finally got to go for a walk again this the morning!  Did 3 miles in 1hr 8min and boy did it seem like it took FOREVER!  That’s what happens when you don’t walk for 3 days straight and then jump back in it. 

It’s getting ready to storm in good ol’ Dallas, TX y’all.  All I know is that it better get done with it tonight so I can go for another walk in the morning.  I miss my morning walks and realized that today when I did it.  I really gotta drop this smoking crap again though because it makes breathing suck when I do my walks and climb the stairs at work. 

My eating was way better today and I only ate a lil bit of chicken after I got home instead of a ton of chips and junk.  I might have fallin off track for a few days but I’m getting back on it which is a good thing.  Come on Stephanie!  Do tha damn thang!!

Day 57 – Thinspiration

I seem to have slipped off the wagon these last few days it seems.  It was raining this morning so I didn’t end up going for a walk, worked almost an hour late so I was too exhausted to do it when I got home, and made the bad decision of eating tortilla chips with cream cheese and salsa when I got home.  It would have been one thing had I grab a serving size of chips and put it on a plate, but oh no.  I sat on the sofa with the damn bag in my lap and just kept on chompin.  Ugh!  I could blame it on the fact that I am stressed as fuck from my job, but it really stems from self control that I lose when I get stressed. 

I cried a bit on the way home today because I just hate where my life is at right now.  In my early thirties and already having a midlife crises.  You ever feel like you’re out of place?  Like you should have been born in a different time or in a different world?  Guess I’m tripping now…..  I need a vacation to get my thoughts straight….

Day 56 – Thinspiration (Mother’s Day)

Happy Mother’s Day to all the awesome mom’s out there!  While I don’t have any children of my own yet, I am lucky enough to me a doggie mom to the cutest pup out there.  And do you know what she did for me on this Mother’s Day?  Let me show you….


This my friends, is the muzzle for my mom’s dog Baron. Or should I say that it used to be until my pup got ahold of it. I think they conspired to destroy the item that brought their BFF status to a halt until Baron’s stitches came out. So what did I get to do today??  I got to make a run to PetSmart and spend $20 on a new one.  Oh the joys of puppy parenthood!  She’s just too cute to stay mad at though so I sucked it up and just dealt with it since it was already said and done.

I plan to take my mom out shopping this coming Wednesday for a new outfit since her and my sister will be meeting me out in Scotland 5 days after I get there.  Today I made biscuits and gravy with bacon for breakfast for her, yes….I did eat some, and we grilled for all the mom’s in my family.  Surprisingly enough I didn’t eat too too bad given all the bad things I could have eaten.  I sure as hell did eat some mac and cheese and other things, but I only let myself get a half a scoop when I typically would get 2 beeping spoonfuls in the past.  Progress is progress no matter how small it is!  Where I ran into a problem is when I made these….


I sure as hell wasn’t gonna pay $18 for a dozen chocolate dipped strawberries when they looked a hot mess while I was at the store this morning. So what did I do?  Made my own for my Momma! I love knowing how to do stuff like this! $6 and they look even better than the store ones!!  I think I ate like 5 of them.  😦  Now granted they we smaller strawberries and not the gigantic ones you would buy in the store so I don’t feel too guilty about it.  Over all it was a really good Mother’s Day!  Early morning wake up in the morning so that I can get a super intense walk in given I did none this weekend.  Push push push!  Bring it on Monday!!