Day 56 – Thinspiration (Mother’s Day)

Happy Mother’s Day to all the awesome mom’s out there!  While I don’t have any children of my own yet, I am lucky enough to me a doggie mom to the cutest pup out there.  And do you know what she did for me on this Mother’s Day?  Let me show you….


This my friends, is the muzzle for my mom’s dog Baron. Or should I say that it used to be until my pup got ahold of it. I think they conspired to destroy the item that brought their BFF status to a halt until Baron’s stitches came out. So what did I get to do today??  I got to make a run to PetSmart and spend $20 on a new one.  Oh the joys of puppy parenthood!  She’s just too cute to stay mad at though so I sucked it up and just dealt with it since it was already said and done.

I plan to take my mom out shopping this coming Wednesday for a new outfit since her and my sister will be meeting me out in Scotland 5 days after I get there.  Today I made biscuits and gravy with bacon for breakfast for her, yes….I did eat some, and we grilled for all the mom’s in my family.  Surprisingly enough I didn’t eat too too bad given all the bad things I could have eaten.  I sure as hell did eat some mac and cheese and other things, but I only let myself get a half a scoop when I typically would get 2 beeping spoonfuls in the past.  Progress is progress no matter how small it is!  Where I ran into a problem is when I made these….


I sure as hell wasn’t gonna pay $18 for a dozen chocolate dipped strawberries when they looked a hot mess while I was at the store this morning. So what did I do?  Made my own for my Momma! I love knowing how to do stuff like this! $6 and they look even better than the store ones!!  I think I ate like 5 of them.  😦  Now granted they we smaller strawberries and not the gigantic ones you would buy in the store so I don’t feel too guilty about it.  Over all it was a really good Mother’s Day!  Early morning wake up in the morning so that I can get a super intense walk in given I did none this weekend.  Push push push!  Bring it on Monday!!


Day 48 -Thinspiration (Rock Star Cupcakes)

A part of me feels guilty because not only did I not go for a walk this morning (given I was up all night because the storms are scary loud out here in the country), but I also gave in to eating a cupcake and some pizza at my lil 2nd cuz’s b’day party.  Yeah I don’t eat stuff like that often but I probably could have limited myself to a slice or 2 instead of getting ridiculous with 3 slices!  UGH Stephanie!!

Oh well….no point tripping about it because it’s in the past.  Tomorrow I am back on track!  I just have to make sure that I don’t get super upset about the fact there is no way in hell I lost weight this week.  One meal is not gonna break me unless I let it….I GOT THIS!!  😀

Sleepy doesn’t even come close to my state at the moment.  This is how I am feeling right now….


Awww…she’s so cute when she’s tired!  And I feel her pain!!  The cupcakes and tiny cake I made for the party turned out super cute.  Check out the picture!


Day 39 – Thinspiration (Turtle Superhero)

I saved this dude from the middle of the road during traffic on the way home from work today.


I’ve never thrown on my hazard lights, parked in a turn lane, and jumped out of my car so quickly.  People probably thought I was crazy but at least they were nice enough to slow down when they saw him trying to crawl his way across.  Hell, it took 10mins just to walk to the pond/lake that he called home, so 20mins of walking just to save a red-eared slider turtle’s life.  I have a soft spot for RESs though because I happen to have a female turtle.


A turtle named Max

The picture above of her in my hand is from FOREVER ago…she’s way bigger than my whole hand now!  Originally I thought it was a boy turtle when it was the size of a quarter, and Maximus sounded like a cool name.  As I started researching turtles and the turtle grew, I discovered that it was in fact a female.  Maximus became a Maxine literally overnight, and Max has always stuck.  I used to have 2 turtles, received them as a gift from an ex back in 2006, but one of the little guys passed away.  RIP Toby, RIP.  It’s been almost 10 years….damn it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long.  But yeah….I’m like an animal superhero!  Taking in stray puppies and saving turtles from getting hit by cars, I wonder what animal I will rescue next!!  😀

I did end up going for a 35min walk last night before bed.  It was good to stretch out my muscles from my strength training that morning.  I was already starting to feel my calves and inner thighs getting tender.  And of course this morning they were pretty achy along with my abs.  YAY for workout aches!!  🙂

It was raining again this morning so no walk, but I did the 20min rescue mission and plan on takin the pup for another 35min walk before bed.  That will have me sitting at 55mins.  It’s not the complete length of time I’m use too but cardio is cardio so I shouldn’t beat myself up for getting off my ass and doing something.  I’m thinking I might start only going for a 30min walk in the morning and then do another one in the evening.  It would probably be better for Cinnamon to get two walks in a day and that could leave me a little extra time in the morning to start adding in some ST every day.  If that happens then I’ll be alternating between upper body, lower body , and core.  I shall ponder more on this thought….

Spring WP Buddies Weight Loss Challenge 2016

So today marks the first day of a 3 month Weight Loss Challenge with my cousin!  The person with the highest weight loss percentage wins!  This whole thing coming about had another idea spark into my mind.  I would also like to do a 3 month Weight Loss Challenge, during the same time, to include those of you awesome ladies and gentlemen in the WordPress world who were interested in joining a challenge!

My cousin and I’s challenge with each other is going to have the non-winner winner treating the winner winner to an activity that is NOT food related, like a movie, bowling, or theme park.  For my WordPress buddies challenge, I was trying to come up with something a little different because obviously we are not all located in the same area.  Many of you have been such amazing motivators and inspirations that have helped me keep moving towards my goals so I wanted you guys in on the fun!!  After some serious thought, I kept thinking about the fact that not even a week after the challenge is over, I will be going to Scotland.  Then it hit me……wouldn’t it be neat to find some super awesome trinket while I am visiting there, that I can mail to the spectacular winner of the challenge!  I’m super psyched!!

The percentage will be calculated by your total pounds lost as the challenge goes on being divided by your challenge start weight, and then being multiplied by 100.  Check out these examples using all of my weigh ins so far:

Start – 301.8
1st weigh in – 290.4 (-11.4 lbs)
2nd weigh in – 286.2 (-4.2 lbs)
3rd weigh in – 282.4 (-3.8 lbs)
4th weigh in – 279.4 (-3.0 lbs)
5th weigh in – 277.6 (-1.8 lbs)

Week 1: (11.4/301.8)*100 = 3.78%
Week 2: (15.6/301.8)*100 = 5.17%
Week 3: (19.4/301.8)*100 = 6.43%
Week 4: (22.4/301.8)*100 = 7.43%
Week 5: (24.2/301.8)*100 = 8.02%

Brianna, my cuz, and I also did measurements so that we could better figure out our inches lost but that is not something required for the WordPress Buddies Weight Loss Challenge unless you guys want it to be.  Here are my measurements as of today:

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 3.48.00 PM

And I’ve already posted my weight in my Thinspiration blog for the day so I will link it to this one so that everyone can see my starting point for the challenge!  😀

For those of you who are interested in the Spring WP Buddies Weight Loss Challenge 2016, here are the rules and information:

  1. Challenge will last from April 17th – July 17th.
  2. Starting weight, with photo of scale, needs to be posted in one of your blogs and linked to this one by no later than Wednesday, April 20th.
  3. Weigh ins will be done every Sunday.  Be sure to use the same scale during the whole competition to make sure that your percentages stay consistent.
  4. Take a picture of the scale and post it to your blog EVERY Sunday, tagging ‘Spring WP Buddies Weight Loss Challenge 2016‘.
  5. Make sure that your blog links back to my Challenge post for the week so that I can do the calculations of each participant’s percentage loss so that we can keep track of everyone’s progress and where they are ranking in the competition.
  6. Monday’s I will post a blog with Sunday’s results from all the participants.  I know that some of you have your blogs set to private because you’re not comfortable with everyone knowing how much you weigh.  Rest assure that I will ONLY post your percentage lost, not any actual weights.  🙂
  7. Winner will be announce Monday, July 18th, 2016 and your prize will be shipped to you Monday, August 8th, 2016 once I’m back in the USA!!

I know there won’t be too many people participating in this first challenge but it would be awesome come August when we do another challenge and can get even MORE PARTICIPANTS!!  😀  Fill free to pass this on to any WP people that you guys think would be interested in joining the Spring WP Buddies Weight Loss Challenge 2016!

Day 35 – Thinspirtaion (Scarborough Fair)


OMFG….so there is no walk this morning.  A part of me is a bit disappointed in myself, but I finally have to admit that I need a fucking break today.  Not because of my laziness to not want to do it, I just honestly think that I might have pushed myself a bit too far yesterday with the 10min jog after having not done it in so long.  Then on top of that there was the extra 5 miles that I walked, added to my 3 miles in the morning, while we were at the fair.  Bottom line is that my body aches like a mother fucker!  Calves, shins, ass, shoulders, back….UGH!  EVERYTHING!!  Also, as much as I was in love with my new shoes, I have discovered that there is not very much support in the heels of them.  While at the fair yesterday, I had to take so many breaks and sit down because my left heel was hurting like hell, which I’m sure was due to the jogging.  Then to top it off, my left hip was excruciating!  I was falling apart so bad yesterday but it is what it is and so I must deal with it.  While I don’t hurt as bad as yesterday, I am still in pain.  Tis a ton of stretching I shall be doing today so that I can be good to restart my walking come tomorrow morning.

In regards to my eating at the fair, while it wan’t soooooo sooo bad, I did extend past my usual super healthy eating and ate probably close to 1,900 cals when I have been limiting myself to 1,500.  I ended up going to eat dinner with my family last night at 8:30PM to iHop but I got a house salad and come chicken noodle soup.  I haven’t been letting myself eat after 6PM so this is the first time in over a month that I have.  1.4lbs gain when I compare my before the fair weight from yesterday to my after the fair weight this morning.  1.8lbs loss this week so I’m not gonna complain!  Today I will get back on board!

Check out pictures from Scarborough Fair!