Bucket List

Go skydiving
Go cliff diving
Go white water rafting
Go rock climbing
Go paint balling
Ride in a helicopter
Learn to fly a plane
Hike the entire Appalachian Trail
Scuba dive in the barrier reef
Shoot a gun
Drive a Ferrari
Stand under a waterfall
Build a campfire without matches or a lighter
Witness a meteor shower
Dress up in a renaissance costume at Scarborough Fair

Touch an orca
Swim with dolphins
Feed a baby tiger
Milk a cow
Witness sea turtle hatching season

Open my own business
Open a preschool
Build a professional home recording studio
Record in a professional recording studio
Record a full album
Win a Grammy
Make an awesome ass music video
Get signed to a record label
Be an extra in a Hollywood movie
Make a 5 tiered cake
Finish my book

Learn Scottish Gaelic fluently
Learn French fluently
Learn ASL
Take belly dancing
Take pole dancing
Take salsa dancing
Take ballroom dancing
Take kickboxing
Take a pottery class
Take Singing lessons
Learn to play the piano
Learn to play the guitar
Learn to snow ski
Learn to snowboard
Get a bar tending license
Get an MBA
Study abroad

Pay off my student loans
Pay off my car note
Save $50,000
Save up enough money for retirement
Set up a college fund for my children

Health & Body
Reach my goal weight of 159lbs
Dye my hair purple
Run 3 miles without stopping

Love & Family
Find my soulmate
Kiss under a mistletoe
Get kissed at midnight on new years
Dance in the pouring rain
Get married
Start a family
Design my dream home
Have my dream house built
Help build a tree house with my kids
Let my kids plan an entire weekend and do it all
Give a stray animal a permanent home
Take my parents on a vacation abroad
Help out a complete stranger
Help build a habitat for humanities home
Plant a tree
Grow a garden of fruits and veggies

Step foot on every continent:
– North America   (12/21/1983)
– South America
– Europe
– Asia
– Australia
– Africa
– Antarctica
Visit Scotland:
– Mary King’s Close (haunted)
– Loch Ness
– See a real castle
Visit England:
Highgate Cemetery (haunted)
Visit Ireland:
– Achill Island (haunted)
Visit Greece
– Parthenon
Visit Rome
– Coliseum
Visit Sweden:
– Stay at the Ice Hotel
Safari in Africa
Visit the Amazon Rain Forest

Visit Cancun
Go on a Cruise
Visit Hawaii
In Pennsylvania:
– Eastern State Penitentiary (haunted)
In Illinois:
– Stay in the Rainforest Suite at the Sunset Inn & Suites
In California:
– San Diego Zoo
In New York:
– Go to the top of the statue of liberty
– Go to the very top of the empire state building
– Visit Ground Zero
– Celebrate New Years in NYC
Go to the airport and board an airplane with no preconceived ideas as to where you’re going
See the Northern Lights
Go on a road trip
Stay in a 5 star hotel penthouse suite